Match 18 – 1/10/16

Match 18 – Sunday, January 10th

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Name IDPA Number Class Division Time Place
Mark W. A706371 SSP MM 152.84 1st
Trevor C. A378714 CCP MM 156.76 1st
John P. A15315 ESP SS 162.54 1st
Kris W. *md A56254 ESP MM 168.38 1st
Dane T. A592941 CDP MM 173.9 1st
Jerrell H. A249430 BUG MM 179.17 1st
Nancy O. A224542 SSP NV 241.15 1st
Keith L. A594249 ESP SS 165.29 2nd
Richard P. A144721 SSP MM 166.75 2nd
John J. A666007 ESP MM 173.18 2nd
Mitch F. A234874 SSP NV 321.62 2nd
Dennis B. A486728 SSP MM 208.06 3rd
Wendy E. A985728 SSP NV 355.1 3rd
Mark E. A537325 SSP MM 247.62 4th
Bill B. A457293 SSP MM 299.97 5th
Adam W. PENDING ESP UC 145.1
Brian G. PENDING ESP UC 157.56
Scott B. PENDING SSP UC 166.01
Brock C. PENDING SSP UC 202.04
Tim D. PENDING SSP UC 210.18
Brian K. PENDING SSP UC 238.14
Jeremiah S. PENDING SSP UC 258.69
Kelly C. PENDING SSP UC 360.83
Loraine A. A217841 SSP UC 542.78
Monique B. PENDING BUG UC 611.67
Krystal C. PENDING BUG UC 3894.26


Stages: 6 stages.

1-10-16 Standards

1-10-16 Revenge

Optometry Assault
1-10-16 Optometry Assault

Bothering me at the Restaurant
1-10-16 Bothering Me At the Resturant

Bad Car Deal
1-10-16 Bad Car Deal

“Stop and Rob” Convenience Store
1-10-16 Stop and Rob Convience Store

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