Match 17 – 12/5/15

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Shooter Name IDPA # Div Class Total Score Rank
Jerrell H. A249430 ESP MM 160.53 1st
Kris W. *md A56254 ESP MM 168.58 2nd
Dane T. A592941 CDP MM 168.64 1st
Jacque B. A337250 CCP MM 182.28 1st
Steven R. A141277 CCP SS 206.25 1st
Jason V. PENDING SSP UC 221.43
Dennis B. A486728 SSP MM 232.81 1st
Nancy O. A224542 SSP NV 273.39 1st
Chris B. A934296 CCP NV 278.02 1st
Wendy E. A985728 SSP NV 321.27 2nd
Krystal C. PENDING SSP UC 377.66
William W. A499480 SSP UC 379.01
Monique B. BLANK BUG UC 526.54
Loraine A. A217841 SSP UC 578.65
Jeff L. BLANK CCP UC 94.77 DNF


6 Stages

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