Match 19 – 2/14/16

Match 19 – Sunday, Feburary14th (Classifier and BUG (Back Up Gun) Match.

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Shooter Name IDPA # Div Class Total Score Rank
Michael L. A870502 BUG UC 42.85
Adam W. A160182 BUG UC 45.42
Mark W. A706371 BUG MM 46.94 1st
Dane T. A592941 BUG MM 47.94 2nd
Keith L. A594249 BUG UC 49.06
Dennis B. A486728 BUG MM 50.79 3rd
Kris W. *md A56254 BUG MM 52.58 4th
Jason V. A655260 BUG UC 53.91
Curtis D. A220386 BUG MM 55.12 5th
Mark E. A537325 BUG MM 56.73 6th
John P. A15315 BUG UC 61.13
Norman D. BLANK BUG UC 62.57
Steven R. A141277 BUG SS 62.69 1st
Richard P. A144721 BUG MM 64.71 7th
Amanda L. A486351 BUG UC 70.14
Charles W. A845667 BUG UC 92.29
David K. A735058 BUG NV 92.42 1st
Bud P. PENDING BUG UC 106.51

Stages: Classifier and small BUG match (5 Stages)

2-14-16 BUG Standards

Science Fair:
2-14-16 BUG Science Fair

2-14-16 BUG Gunsmith

Bank Robbery:
2-14-16 BUG Bank Robbery

Grocery Store:
2-14-16 BUG - Grocery Store

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