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South Louisiana IDPA ( is a competition shooting club in south Louisiana formed March 2014. SLIDPA follows the rules set forth by the International Defensive Pistol Association. We are the only IDPA club in Louisiana.
IDPA stages are set up to mimic real life scenarios. I encourage you to go to the IDPA website to review the rule book and look
around the website. If you have any questions please Contact Us. SLIDPA is also on FaceBook.
 Matches are held on the second Sunday of each month.
Pictures are up for our past matches. Check them out here.



Next Match,  Sunday October 8th

Registration begins at 8:00 with the new shooter safety briefing to follow.  You can register online here. Hammer down is at 8:30. Bring a friend.  If you wish to help set up the stages, feel free to be there between 0715-0730.

As usual the match will be held at the Southern Shooting Center located at 979 Hwy 3185, Thibadaux, LA.

Stages are posted HERE

Equipment : Handgun (min .38 / 9mm), 3 magazines, holster, magazine carrier for 2 magazines, Bring enough ammo to complete the stages including makeup shots. Round counts are posted on each stage description.


The table below shows the costs to shoot a match, with joining SLIDPA or just shooting as a guest. In addition to joining the local club, you must join the association (IDPA) to have your scores posted or to participate in regional events. Annual membership to IDPA is $40.  All membership applications will be available at each match. We currently cant take credit cards, checks and cash only.

Join Club Member – $20: $10 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee
Initial Member (if you didnt join SLIDPA at a previous match)- $50:  $35 Annual Membership + $10 Range Fee + $5 Match Fee
Don’t Join Club $30:  $20 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee


For more information please Contact Us.

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The 2017 Mississippi State IDPA Championship is in the books and everyone from the club finished the match and all had some lessons learned.

The results:

Kris Walley brought home a 2nd place finish in CDP MM.

Curtis Darrah came in 5th place in CDP MM.
Lorraine Adams came in 20th place in SSP MM.
Paul and Mary Erickson came in 11th and 13th place in ESP MM.

I’m sure there may have been a small side bet going on with the Erickson’s.

Everyone took home some really nice stuff from the prize table.


SLIDPA Members and Guests,

In response to the potentially nasty weather expected in the area, I've decided to cancel the match scheduled for this Sunday, October 8th.

Please stay safe and prepare accordingly!!

Steve R

We at SLIDPA would like to congratulate NOLA Shooting Sports on their first successful IDPA match! They had three fun stages and a handful of shooters new to the sport. Kris and Steven were on hand to handle SO and Scorekeeping duties.

We encourage our members to head on out to the NOLATAC Training Facility on the NOLA Motorsports park grounds for their monthly matches. They currently shoot on the fourth Sunday of each month!

We look forward to seeing another club putting hits on paper in Louisiana!!!

If you are interested, NOLA Shooting Sports is hosting their first IDPA match Sunday morning beginning at 8:00. ...