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South Louisiana IDPA ( is a competition shooting club in south Louisiana formed March 2014. SLIDPA follows the rules set forth by the International Defensive Pistol Association. We are the only IDPA club in Louisiana.
IDPA stages are set up to mimic real life scenarios. I encourage you to go to the IDPA website to review the rule book and look
around the website. If you have any questions please Contact Us. SLIDPA is also on FaceBook.
 Matches are held on the second Sunday of each month.
Pictures are up for our past matches. Check them out here.



Next Match,  Sunday July 8th

Sunday July 8th Canceled due to weather forcast. 

Registration begins at 8:00 with the new shooter safety briefing to follow.  You can register online here. Hammer down is at 8:30. Bring a friend.  If you wish to help set up the stages, feel free to be there between 0715-0730.

As usual the match will be held at the Southern Shooting Center located at 979 Hwy 3185, Thibadaux, LA.

Equipment : Handgun (min .38 / 9mm), 3 magazines, holster, magazine carrier for 2 magazines, Bring enough ammo to complete the stages including makeup shots. Round counts are posted on each stage description.


The table below shows the costs to shoot a match, with joining SLIDPA or just shooting as a guest. In addition to joining the local club, you must join the association (IDPA) to have your scores posted or to participate in regional events. Annual membership to IDPA is $40.  All membership applications will be available at each match. We currently cant take credit cards, checks and cash only.

Join Club Member – $20: $10 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee
Initial Member (if you didnt join SLIDPA at a previous match)- $50:  $35 Annual Membership + $10 Range Fee + $5 Match Fee
Don’t Join Club $30:  $20 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee


For more information please Contact Us.

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SLIPDA was well represented at the 2018 Walking In Memphis Regional IDPA Shootout. Kris won 1st place CDP marksmen. Nick is taking home 3rd place SSP marksmen at his very first sanctioned match. Good job guys!! On to the next one, 2018 Mississippi Showdown. ...

1 month ago

South Louisiana IDPA

2018 Walking In Memphis Regional IDPA Shootout Match shirt.

Shooter are you ready?!

2 months ago

South Louisiana IDPA

This is close to home. Worth looking into and possibly working if available. This is their first sanction match. Remember when we had our first sanction match two years ago? Let’s help Mark A Condon and his guys out. Plus I have talked him and his wife in to coming work our match next March.Hey everybody, a little update on the Battle. We have 25 shooters signed up. The 9 stages are designed and we are working on building stuff. We will be announcing sponsors soon. Only 127 days until hammer down. If you haven't already, please sign up. Let your friends know.

Here is the link for the page to sign up