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South Louisiana IDPA ( is a competition shooting club in south Louisiana formed March 2014. SLIDPA follows the rules set forth by the International Defensive Pistol Association. We are the only IDPA club in Louisiana.
IDPA stages are set up to mimic real life scenarios. I encourage you to go to the IDPA website to review the rule book and look
around the website. If you have any questions please Contact Us. SLIDPA is also on FaceBook.
 Matches are held on the second Sunday of each month.
Pictures are up for our past matches. Check them out here.



Next Match,  Sunday Feb 12th

Registration begins at 8:00 with the new shooter safety briefing to follow.  You can register online here. Hammer down is at 8:30. Bring a friend.  If you wish to help set up the stages, feel free to be there between 0715-0730.

As usual the match will be held at the Southern Shooting Center located at 979 Hwy 3185, Thibadaux, LA.

Stages are posted HERE

Equipment : Handgun (min .38 / 9mm), 3 magazines, holster, magazine carrier for 2 magazines, Bring enough ammo to complete the stages including makeup shots. Round counts are posted on each stage description.


The table below shows the costs to shoot a match, with joining SLIDPA or just shooting as a guest. In addition to joining the local club, you must join the association (IDPA) to have your scores posted or to participate in regional events. Annual membership to IDPA is $40.  All membership applications will be available at each match. We currently cant take credit cards, checks and cash only.

Join Club Member – $20: $10 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee
Initial Member (if you didnt join SLIDPA at a previous match)- $50:  $35 Annual Membership + $10 Range Fee + $5 Match Fee
Don’t Join Club $30:  $20 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee


For more information please Contact Us.

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Sorry for multiple posts at once,

I have a few recommendations for people shooting the CLASSIFIER this Sunday.

A few people did not get to classify this past weekend, and a small contingent of shooters will be meeting this Sunday to get that handled. There is no open enrollment for classification this weekend, it will be specifically for those who were registered to classify but did not get to shoot due to time constraints.

The classifier is 72 rounds and is designed to measure your skills so that you are ranked with shooters of similar skill level at scoring time.

There are a few strings of fire that require magazines loaded to 6 rounds. Have at least one magazine loaded to 6 rounds before you start your classifier.

If you have magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, load them to their highest capacity. If they hold 15 rounds, load them to 15, it will make things go faster. The classifier is a LIMITED stage, you will not be allowed make-up shots, but not having to change magazines frequently will speed up the process.

In short, before each “course of fire” in the classifier, you should have one magazine loaded to 6 rounds, and then a couple of magazines loaded to their highest capacity.

If you’re running a single stack gun (1911 or equivalent) and your magazines hold less than 10 rounds, load them all to 6 rounds. Each string in the classifier is 6 rounds, and if you have a bunch of magazines, bring them all to the range and load them all to 6 rounds.

Points down have changed from 0.5 sec to 1 sec for each point down. Shoot fast during strings that are up close to the targets and TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THE LONG SHOTS!!!

Movement is a subjective thing and means different things to different people. For our purposes, baby steps count as movement. You don’t have to be moving at a full gallup!!! As long as you are “moving”, it counts!!! You’ll see a lot of experienced shooters taking baby steps. It keeps the gun more stable and increases accuracy. This goes for shooting regular stages too.

I hope this helps everybody to get through the classifier quicker and easier!

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who shot with us last weekend! Keith put on a great match and we had a lot of fun shooting his stages.

I just have a few procedural (see what I did there?) recommendations:

Please keep vehicle speed below 15mph on the main range road. The range management wants to keep dust down and they will not hesitate to reprimand people who drive too fast.

If you intend on shooting your carry gun (and arrive with it loaded), PLEASE IMMEDIATELY seek out a Safety Officer to get you unloaded as soon as you arrive. Range rules dictate all firearms are cold until within a shooting bay. Please do not hang around carrying a loaded gun!!!

If you are able, please arrive early to help set up. The same goes for tearing down after the match. Many hands make light work. Thank you to all those who continue to help us with setup and teardown.

Our next match is the 2017 Battle on the Bayou on Saturday March 4th! Staff will shoot on Friday. Please send us a PM if you have any questions!!

If you are interested. Some of them are coming help with our match. ...

Calling All Certified Safety Officers!! We need Volunteers! If you are able to volunteer to SO for the match, please email In Addition, SOs and Staff will receive this AWESOME Shooting Jersey from The Gunsta Shirt!! Sizing: ...

Just signed up to shoot the 2017 USCCA Gulf Coast Regional IDPA Championship in Bellville, TX. If you are looking to shoot some more sanction matches this year, check this one out. The range is about 45 minutes west of Houston. Not a bad drive. Had a great time last year shooting here.

2017 USCCA Gulf Coast Regional Championship - Tier 4

Hi Everybody,

Steve here. I'm sharing this from my personal page. I do not agree with the title, but the video is beneficial for all.

Firearms are machines and are capable of malfunction and failure. It's important to practice gun safety at all times to ensure the safety of all those around you.

Always bear in mind that you are the ONLY safety that the firearm has. Regardless of manual or passive safeties present on your firearm, you control what your firearm is pointed at, at all times.

Remember, always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.

This accidental gun discharge could've been a lot worse, and the instructor turned it into an impressive teaching moment.Via: ViralHog

GSSF Match going on today and tomorrow. Come out and shoot. ...


January 14, 2017, 9:00am - January 15, 2017, 3:00pm

All of the Classification scores have been entered. Some stayed the same, some moved up and our newbies now have a valid classification score. No more sandbagging in UN. ...