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South Louisiana IDPA ( is a competition shooting club in south Louisiana formed March 2014. SLIDPA follows the rules set forth by the International Defensive Pistol Association. We are the only IDPA club in Louisiana.
IDPA stages are set up to mimic real life scenarios. I encourage you to go to the IDPA website to review the rule book and look
around the website. If you have any questions please Contact Us. SLIDPA is also on FaceBook.
 Matches are held on the second Sunday of each month.
Pictures are up for our past matches. Check them out here.



Next Match,  Sunday July 9th

Registration begins at 8:00 with the new shooter safety briefing to follow.  You can register online here. Hammer down is at 8:30. Bring a friend.  If you wish to help set up the stages, feel free to be there between 0715-0730.

As usual the match will be held at the Southern Shooting Center located at 979 Hwy 3185, Thibadaux, LA.

Stages are posted HERE

Equipment : Handgun (min .38 / 9mm), 3 magazines, holster, magazine carrier for 2 magazines, Bring enough ammo to complete the stages including makeup shots. Round counts are posted on each stage description.


The table below shows the costs to shoot a match, with joining SLIDPA or just shooting as a guest. In addition to joining the local club, you must join the association (IDPA) to have your scores posted or to participate in regional events. Annual membership to IDPA is $40.  All membership applications will be available at each match. We currently cant take credit cards, checks and cash only.

Join Club Member – $20: $10 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee
Initial Member (if you didnt join SLIDPA at a previous match)- $50:  $35 Annual Membership + $10 Range Fee + $5 Match Fee
Don’t Join Club $30:  $20 Match Fee + $10 Range Fee


For more information please Contact Us.

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South Louisiana IDPA shared Battle On The Bayou's album. ...

These are some great photos by Lynn McMorris. She did a great job taking pictures for us.

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Just a quick favor to ask. If you are a member of SLIDPA and have not yet been classified, can you please send us a message here???

We're having issues contacting a few people and we know that Facebook is a big part of our outreach.



I want to thank Amanda Lemmi for putting on a great match this past Sunday. Thanks for your hard work and making some great stages. It was a job well done.

I wanted to pass on some information to you in preparation for the upcoming matches.

I was able to have a really good meeting with the range owners, and we are now allowed to shoot PCC at Southern Shooting Center. We are allowed to shoot it at our monthly matches from here on out. This will also include the Battle On The Bayou 2018. I guess PCC sales are about to go up for SLIDPA members.

Speaking of Battle On The Bayou 2018, it looks like our match will be held on March 3, 2018. This is the first weekend of the month. We are still ironing out some details on if this is going to be a Tier 2 or a Tier 3 match. We are shooting for a Tier 3 match. As more details come out and are finalized, I will send out that information.

We will be moving our monthly November match from Sunday, November 12th to Saturday, November 18th. We are moving the match because this will be our annual night match. We are going to run it in a different format this year. We will begin shooting around 4:00 and shoot 4 stages. We will break for dinner (provided by SLIDPA). During dinner, the staff will change the stages a round a bit and we will shoot them again in the dark. Potentially, we will shoot 6-8 stages that day. Last year, we had a big turnout for this match and we are hoping for the same turnout. We had a lot of fun, a little cold, but a lot of fun. As this match gets closer, you will be given more information.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Central Arkansas Shooters Association (CASA) is looking for CSO/SO for the Fall Brawl on October 21st. It is a Tier 3 match. I have signed on to work the match.

If you are interested in working the match, send Kris Walley a message and I'll put you in touch with the guy running the match.

If you are interested in shooting the match, the sign up information is on the IDPA website.

Mark your calendars. ...

MS State IDPA Championship

October 7, 2017, 8:30am - October 7, 2017, 5:30pm

The Mississippi State IDPA Championship Match returns to Ridge Crossing Shooting Club, 10 minutes north of Tupelo, MS Birthplace of the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley! Come bust out of Jailhouse Rock in your Blue Suede Shoes for A Little Less Conversation and get All Shook Up for 12 challenging stages! Host Club: Ridge Crossing Shooting Club Location: Ridge Crossing Shooting Club 218 Birmingham Ridge Rd Blue Springs, Mississippi 38828 Match Level: State