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  1. Hi, I’m interested in learning more about IDPA in lousiana and am trying to find out about different clubs and matches. I was wondering how to tell if a holster will be legal to compete with? There’s no definitive list and the rules are confusing. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I have never been to a handgun/shooting competition and I was wondering what the process of signing up for an event and competing is. I have experience shooting handguns, rifles, and shotguns, both at an indoor range and sporting clays.

    1. Pretty easy, There is a link to register before hand on the Upcomming Matches page. Or you can just show up to the match and handle everything before the match. If you have never shot a match with us, there is a required safety briefing before the match where the rules (both safety and rules of IDPA) are explained. Please leave your handgun in your bag till after the safety briefing.

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