Match 16 – 10/11/15

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Shooter name IDPA num Div. Class Total Score Rank
Donnie M. A525726 ESP SS 142.22 1st
Trevor C. A378714 ESP MM 170.78 1st
Steven R. A141277 SSP MM 195.98 1st
John P. A15315 ESP SS 198.53 2nd
Mason T. PENDING SSP UC 205.28
Josh  A. A762351 SSP UC 231.3
Dane T. A592941 CDP MM 237.42 1st
Richard P. A144721 SSP MM 244.91 2nd
Joe W. A25376 SSP SS 249.79 1st
Jeff M. PENDING ESP MM 270.14
Dennis B. *md A486728 SSP MM 275.19 3rd
Jacque B. A337250 CCP MM 277.68 1st
Mark E. A537325 SSP MM 311.09 4th
Wendy E. A985728 SSP NV 322.53 1st
Nancy O. A224542 SSP NV 337.28 2nd
Krystal C. PENDING SSP UC 426.77
Loraine A. PENDING SSP UC 671.45


Stages 6:

Zombies Demons and Witches
Zombies Demons and Witches

Suprise Stage Description

Retention Movement FrontSight
Retention Movement FrontSight

Harvey’s Stage
Harveys Stage

Supernatural 7-11
Supernatural 7-11

Zombies in the Yard
Zombies in the Yard

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